Quick Update

September 13th, 2006

Well, I’m still sifting through 65 GB worth of samples.. Good news is I’m nearing completion! Even better is I’ve got a bunch of my old equipment hooked up. Ah the joys of MIDI syncing…

The best part is that I’d forgotten how much I like working with the MC303, and hardware in general. It’s really a whole different vibe. I guess more musical because you can’t look at a screen and your only visual cues are numbers counting out the beats. Makes the ears work a bit more.

Octavian’s Worldwide Music Podcast

August 18th, 2006

Found this link the other day, looks like I’ve been podcasted in Romania. Big thanks to Octavian for the support! Here’s the direct link.

Busy Busy Busy

July 20th, 2006

Currently I’m in the midst of a huge re-organization of my thousands (seems like millions) of samples. Why? Because I’m an organization nut.. that and I want an easy and painless way to run through samples while I’m writing. Also, now that I’ve gotten some of my gear out of storage recently, I’m setting up my sequencer to function a bit like an Akai MPC. I want the next CD to have a more natural feel to it.. and the songs to have a strong vibe to them. So, I get to spend the next few days running through at least 30 or 40 CDs(and DVDs).. Bottom line is, new music’s on the horizon and I’ll let you know where you can get a preview.

Update on the PulseNow/Rated Radio: If you were listening last Tuesday, you would’ve heard ‘Contact’ played on ‘The Asylum’ but unfortunately, they sent me the email telling me it would be played the day after it was played.. Me thinks they’ve got a bug in their notifications system.. gyarrr

The Asylum

July 16th, 2006

Sorry I never got to edit the last posting with a link to the PulseNow/Radio website, their servers were down for at least a few hours, then came sleep.. then work… then spent the weekend in Philly. However, upon my return it looks like PulseNow’s undergone a little makeover with a bunch of new features. Pretty sneaky of them to go on and redesign everything like that.. 🙂

Anyways it looks good and hopefully the Counterclockwise Remix will be played again on Tuesday night 21:00 GMT, Show’s name is ‘The Asylum‘. (Hint: 6pm Eastern time/3pm West Coast) Listen out for it if you can.

New News

July 12th, 2006

Hi all, I’ve got the whole Last.FM thing working, go on and visit. I highly recommend downloading the player and choosing a “Sounds Like” station. It’s a great way to hear new artists alongside old favorites!

In other news, I got an email yesterday from Lexi Jade at Pulse Rated, she played the Counterclockwise Remix on her show ‘The Asylum’ yesterday (July 11, 12:00 GMT)

Note: As I write this their servers are encountering some sort of error so I’ll be editing this post again in a few hours with a little update on the re-run time. (and links to the show)