Quick post this week

So, this weekend I got to visit Vienna (Wien) for an afternoon. Now before everyone gets crazy and thinks how cool it must be to hop around the world for an afternoon – Vienna’s only a 3 hour drive. It’s like going from New York to DC, maybe even a little closer. Really beautiful city, very clean. Surprisingly I saw 3 different Starbucks there, about 4 blocks apart from each other. I thought I was back in the US! Someday I’ll visit again, and hopefully stay a little longer. Now it’s back to work – the CD is coming along well, I’m quite pleased with some of the draft mixes. If all goes well, maybe I’ll release a promotional (free) song by next week for everyone to download. Until then – have a listen to this

4 Responses to “Quick post this week”

  1. tiago Says:

    Hey dude..
    your mp3 players looks really good. thanks for the reference to p2l 🙂

  2. Vayder X Says:

    No problem, I was struggling for about a week to create a player when I found your tutorial and in less than an hour, the player was done! Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  3. tiago Says:

    No problem mate.. Keep an eye on the updated version.. if you need help let me know!
    Btw.. nice sounds!

  4. Vayder X Says:

    Definitely will, I’ve got the site bookmarked. Thanks for checking out the music, I’m glad you like! 🙂