Jet Lagged

Things have been hectic lately, I’ve bounced back across the atlantic and now settling in back in the states. One thing I learned this week is that LOT Polish Airlines sucks. Nine and a half hour flight (not counting the one hour delay) and all they gave us to eat was a chicken dinner (no choice, mind you – everyone got the same thing) that was the size of a chicken nugget with a spoonful of rice next to it. Seven hours later, we got a small sandwich. Needless to say, I was hungry. The sound system was a stethoscope hooked into some plug in the seat, the plane must’ve been built before they invented headphones… Previously, my worst flight across the atlantic was on KLM but even they were better. I won’t be all negative though, I had great flights on Air France, Singapore Air (the best), and Austrian Airlines. I always fly coach and buy the cheapest ticket I can and those three airlines are the best cheap tickets around. So if you have a choice between LOT and Air France for a ticket to Europe, and the prices are similar, hopefully you’ll choose better than I did..

Quick update on Capacity, it made the journey to Portland and is now in the offices of CD Baby. I’d say by Wednesday it will be ready to go for ordering. Can’t wait? You can always order direct from me by clicking on the paypal buttons at the music page – Same price as CDBaby, but I’ll give ya free shipping. (now that’s a swell deal) 🙂

Also, Sam Awry has been included in the 10th episode of the Passing Notes Podcast! Download your copy today!

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