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Internet and the long tail

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

This morning I fired up my new reader (Net NewsWire Lite formerly from Ranchero) and noticed a recent In-Tune post of mine about Revolution Void had been picked up by not one .mp3 blog but by two! Both Starfrosch and Knobtweakers had posted about the Jazzy breakbeat style of Revolution Void. This is what’s great about the internet and the whole long tail philosophy – that you can create something and people pick up on it, telling others who then pick up on it and tell more. Sort of a snowball or avalanche effect. And, with the targeting power of the internet, the information’s momentum gets stronger as more people who are genuinely interested in the topic hear about it. Also, it’s really cool to see two .mp3 blogs, that I enjoy reading myself, visited my own blog and big thanks to them for the links as well!

Also, huge thanks to Fevertech, who recently purchased Capacity and left a 5 star review on my CD Baby page! Do visit his site because his music rocks.

Vayder X reviewed over at Smother.Net

Monday, October 17th, 2005 is “an online socio-political music publication that caters to “relatively” unknown and underground acts from across the globe”. Founded in 1996 by J-Sin as “a community for musicians that want free and honest press. It’s morphed into a much bigger beast over the years and now boasts a whole lot more content than ever was imagined.” (-Smother.Net) And, this weekend’s editor, J-Sin, said some nice words about Capacity – You can read it here.

DSL Day today

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Today is the long awaited DSL day and I’m pleased to say that I am writing this post from my new hi-speed connection.. at home! Big apologies to my loyal In-Tune readers, I was only able to post sporadically last week and the week before but now I can regularly update the blog again. As always, I do accept suggestions for the blog so if you know of some really incredible electronica artists, feel free to email me.

Here and there

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

I’ve been a little scare lately, my new internet connection doesn’t go into effect until the 12th of October so I’ll be here and there for another week.. Moving sucks. However, being without a stable connection makes me appreciate the technology of WiFi even more. I love the idea of the T-Mobile hotspots, wouldn’t it be great if T-Mobile (or some other cell company – hint hint, Verizon) would create WiFi for entire cities? Using their existing cell towers as connection points, it wouldn’t be too much of an infrastructure cost. I mean, instead of fighting the city of Philadelphia, who wanted WiFi for everyone, why didn’t Verizon step in, use their towers and set up a giant hotspot. I would pay $20 a month for WiFi access instead of hard-wired DSL. I know, Philly wanted it free but a paid, secure and fast connection would be something I would like very much. Maybe when the next generation, (WiMAX?) comes out, this might become a reality. This technology could also lead to some pretty advanced cell phone technology – maybe even cell phones operating on secured VoIP, freeing up the ever shrinking frequency spectrum. This could then be used to enhance the network bandwidth. Until then though, I will wait.. patiently.. until my internet comes back.