Here and there

I’ve been a little scare lately, my new internet connection doesn’t go into effect until the 12th of October so I’ll be here and there for another week.. Moving sucks. However, being without a stable connection makes me appreciate the technology of WiFi even more. I love the idea of the T-Mobile hotspots, wouldn’t it be great if T-Mobile (or some other cell company – hint hint, Verizon) would create WiFi for entire cities? Using their existing cell towers as connection points, it wouldn’t be too much of an infrastructure cost. I mean, instead of fighting the city of Philadelphia, who wanted WiFi for everyone, why didn’t Verizon step in, use their towers and set up a giant hotspot. I would pay $20 a month for WiFi access instead of hard-wired DSL. I know, Philly wanted it free but a paid, secure and fast connection would be something I would like very much. Maybe when the next generation, (WiMAX?) comes out, this might become a reality. This technology could also lead to some pretty advanced cell phone technology – maybe even cell phones operating on secured VoIP, freeing up the ever shrinking frequency spectrum. This could then be used to enhance the network bandwidth. Until then though, I will wait.. patiently.. until my internet comes back.

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  1. Vayder X Says:

    Hey it looks like since I posted this, Google has announced they want to fund a project to WiFi the city of San Francisco, pretty cool..

    Read about it here.