Internet and the long tail

This morning I fired up my new reader (Net NewsWire Lite formerly from Ranchero) and noticed a recent In-Tune post of mine about Revolution Void had been picked up by not one .mp3 blog but by two! Both Starfrosch and Knobtweakers had posted about the Jazzy breakbeat style of Revolution Void. This is what’s great about the internet and the whole long tail philosophy – that you can create something and people pick up on it, telling others who then pick up on it and tell more. Sort of a snowball or avalanche effect. And, with the targeting power of the internet, the information’s momentum gets stronger as more people who are genuinely interested in the topic hear about it. Also, it’s really cool to see two .mp3 blogs, that I enjoy reading myself, visited my own blog and big thanks to them for the links as well!

Also, huge thanks to Fevertech, who recently purchased Capacity and left a 5 star review on my CD Baby page! Do visit his site because his music rocks.

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