Capacity blogcasted over at Voyager Radio

Yesterday I was blogged about by Charsson of Voyager Radio / Tempo of the Down. If you aren’t familiar, “‘Tempo of the Down’ is VoyagerRadio’s current podcast and audio stream, showcasing the best downtempo in the universe.” Previously, in the early spring, he had used ‘Home’ off of Musical Snapshot of Life for his first edition of Tempo of the Down, (you can download that session here). So I sent him a copy of ‘Capacity‘ and I’m happy he enjoyed it enough to blog about it. Be sure to add Tempo of the Down’s feed to your favorite podcast/rss program, (or if you use iTunes) he should be releasing the latest session sometime soon.

Also, I found out recently that ‘Sam Awry’ won the ‘Best Mood in Electronica’ award over at for the week of October 24th. Very very cool, so far the reviews coming in for that song have been mostly positive and it seems to be climbing it’s way through the charts. If you’re a member, go on and do some reviews – maybe you’ll get lucky and can review ‘Sam Awry’ 🙂

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