Time for a new entry

So it’s been some time since I’ve posted. Yeah, I know I should post more. I should also get more sleep and take my vitamins too. And eat my spinach and broccoli.. The last one’s no problem because I like to eat spinach and broccoli. Anyways I’d like to wish all the procrastinators out there a belated happy new year, even if it’s only about a week later. Actually though I’m not really much of a procrastinator, just really really busy.. it’s like I just sit in front of the computer and the hours just fly by. Two minutes later I look at the time and it’s been 6 hours! Then, the to-do list just gets pushed back even further.. it’s an uphill battle somedays. So, bear with me as I get re-organized for the new year, and use the RSS feature, it’ll let you know when I found a moment to write a little note up here for everyone to read.

One of my projects is to find other electronica artists (IDM, downtempo, breakbeat too) and post a quick profile of them in a daily blog that I call In-Tune. It’s actually one of the highlights of my week when I find a really really good artist. So, in the spirit of the new year and all the best of lists of 2005 and what not, here’s a quick list of the best of’s for 2005. The cool thing about this list (besides not having any order or numbers – it’s not a top 10) is that I’m just writing from the top of my head – So, if I can remember an artist from last march who was that memorable, you know they’re good! So here they are – Check ’em out if you have a minute. – Tycho, The artist formerly known as Airliner, The Great Mundane, The Subletter (and the whole catalog for Belladonna Records (Fomerly Kendra-Unique), CMY, Let’s Drive to Alaska, DoF, Quantazelle, enLounge, and Makkina / Cardinal Zen. Also, as soon as the CD is officially released, Fevertech

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