What’s this, 2006?

I think every January I have trouble remembering it’s the new year. I have corrected myself writing 2005 instead of 2006 at least 100 times already – am I really am not exaggerating. Why is that? Maybe its because you’d think a new year would be a heaping change but in reality its the same as going from Sunday to Monday. I guess it’s like jet-lag, after a while you just get used to it.

Now, moving on to other things, I’m quite pleased to announce that I’ve been featured in the excellect Dave’s Lounge podcast (Podcast #30). This podcast, created by Dave features some of the best chillout, downtempo / trip-hop out on the net. All of it being “Pod-Safe”, meaning if you download it or broadcast it over the internet, you won’t be hunted down by anyone. (Unless it’s someone who’s really really big fan) Which brings me to letting you all know that my music is quite pod-safe. As long as it’s a non-commercial usage, I’d be real happy to know that someone enjoys my music enough to podcast, broadcast, write about, or share my music with someone else.

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