Pulse Rated

Last night I was reading about Richard Linklater’s woes with his new film and how he deals with things seeming to take forever – he works on something else. That whole “watched kettle never boils” analogy.. A great way to counter the months and sometimes years that it takes for many things in the music world, and life, to happen.

Here’s my experience to share:

A couple of months ago, October to be exact, I sent out ‘Capacity‘ to the American branch of the U.K.’s Pulse Radio – PulseNow! I didn’t hear anything from them for about six weeks. The response? An email saying that they recieved my CD and that they will contact me in another six weeks or so if my submission is accepted. I guess they were flooded with CDs. With the day job, working on new music, Christmas and the zillion other things going on, I completely forgot about it until I noticed they added me as a MySpace friend. Then I got the email saying I was in. Very cool..

Moving along, over four months since submission, I’m pretty happy to announce to you all that last week I was featured as one of the ‘Hot Trax’ for the week of Feb 13th! 🙂 In addition, they’ve begun to play ‘Contact’ on the PulseLounge show over their U.K. Satellite station, PulseRated. Now that’s pretty sweet.

So, be patient. And most important, keep on grinding because all the seemingly little things really do add up.

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