New News

Hi all, I’ve got the whole Last.FM thing working, go on and visit. I highly recommend downloading the player and choosing a “Sounds Like” station. It’s a great way to hear new artists alongside old favorites!

In other news, I got an email yesterday from Lexi Jade at Pulse Rated, she played the Counterclockwise Remix on her show ‘The Asylum’ yesterday (July 11, 12:00 GMT)

Note: As I write this their servers are encountering some sort of error so I’ll be editing this post again in a few hours with a little update on the re-run time. (and links to the show)

4 Responses to “New News”

  1. amber Says:

    I’m listening to your stuff right now… you sound like the Postal Service on acid… and I like it because it’s mellow to listen to while I’m sick, which I am. Speaking of which:

    Sorry I threw up and abandoned you this morning. I’ve developed a cycle for the day: puke, water, toast, sleep, puke, water, toast, sleep, complain, puke, water, toast, sleep.

    I think I have the flu.

  2. Charssun Says:

    Hi Vayder X, I’m listening to your CD right now, and I just wanted to let you know that your music will once again be included in a session of my podcast, Tempo of the Down. I haven’t produced a podcast in awhile, due to work and other things, but I’m ready to get busy with it again. Just paid my dues over at the Association of Music Podcasting, and by doing so I’ve recommitted myself to the project (of music podcasting). So stay tuned for Session 06 of VoyagerRadio’s podcast…!

  3. Charssun Says:

    Oops, I botched the link for my podcast; it should be Also, here’s a link to Session 01 of Tempo of the Down, which included Vayder X: TotD: Session 01

  4. Vayder X Says:

    @ Charssun:
    Thanks a bunch, I’ll be looking out for the new podcasts. Good to hear from you!

    @ Amber
    Hope you’re feeling better. I got myself a Postal Service CD this weekend, now I’ll go and listen…