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Capacity: (2005)

Vayder X-CapacityTrack listing:
01 Daydream
02 Contact
03 Dialouge
04 Buoy
05 Sam Awry
06 Eclipse
07 Adrift
08 CounterClockwise
(Spring Forward Remix)

Written during a period of relocation from Philadelphia to Budapest, Vayder X creates his own world. Atmospheres and rhythm mixed together in the form of Downtempo Breakbeat Electronica. Named for an essential component in electronics, and also an essential component in life. Capacity is about balance: rhythmn and texture, atmospherics and definition, samples and synthesis.

“Heya I listened to the album twice more this morning and really enjoy it. It sounds like classic artificial intelligence / B12 breakbeat. I listen to it on my commute in and realize I keep getting lost in it. I make it past a few tracks and my mind just drifts away to another place. It’s got a great and easy quality about it that I really appreciate – making for a terrific album even after repeated listens.” – Shimone/Justes – Staticbeats

Feel free to listen to a lo-fi version of the original, (complete song, not a 30 second clip) by clicking on the link.

Available at: CDBaby and iTunes

Musical Snapshot of Life: (2004)
Musical Snapshot of Life
Track listing:
01 Home
02 Weightless
03 Lookout
04 Rampant
05 Transition

This five song EP is your introduction to the music of Vayder X. A mixture of natural and synthetic sounds fills each song with personality. From the warmth of a summer day (Home) to the madness of relocating (Rampant) each song surrounds you with a mood of its own. You can listen to each song by clicking on the links above, each is a low-bitrate version of the original.

Price: $5.99 + Free Shipping!